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What's Your Favorite Thing About ScyllaDB?

Users from IBM, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Intel, Allegro, AdGear (Samsung Ads), Snapfish, Rocket Fuel (now Sizmek), Samsung SDS, IMVU, and CERN share their favorite thing about using ScyllaDB.


What's Your Favorite Thing About ScyllaDB?

Jean-Baptiste Dalido (Zenly):  It's fast. It's so fast.

Keith Lohnes and David Pitera (IBM):  It just goes back to most of the issues that we had running and managing Cassandra all fell back to JVM issues. We really liked Cassandra. But, you know, with ScyllaDB, obviously, there's no JVM. So, cutting out all of those problems from the list and just having to configure things properly for a Cassandra type system or DynamoDB type system is great.

Joshi Fullop  (Los Alamos National Laboratory):  One of my favorite aspects about ScyllaDB is how it's written. I mean, it's self tuning and looks at the hardware. It saves administrators time greatly, and you get a product that does what it's supposed to do without having to be leading authority on the topic.

Frank Ober (Intel): With SCyllaDB, you've got open source development methodology, providing that very fast delivery. So you've got the best of today's worlds.

Lukasz Pachciarek and Szymon Szymansku (Allegro): What I like most about ScyllaDB is the latency it gives us. No matter what the traffic is, no matter what happens, it has a straight line, no spikes, no weird behaviors.

Ted Change and Chin Huang (IBM): Since ScyllaDB did really well out of the box, we ended up spending a lot of time tuning. the other databases, mainly HBase and Cassandra, to make them more comparable to ScyllaDB. But of course we failed miserably. They still don't perform as well as ScyllaDB. 

David Haguenauer (Adgear):  Compared to our Cassandra deployments., we are using about half the amount of hardware, we get lower latencies that are also much more predictable, which is perfect for our use case.

Brent Williams (Snapfish): The number of concurrent operations that can be processed, meaning how quickly we can do the workloads that we need to do.

Lubos Kosco and Andrej Chu (Rocket Fuel):  It's very easy to manage the database. It's very, very fast and very easy to set it up and get it running.

Kuyul Noh (Samsung SDS):  Excellent performance with ScyllaDB means we can save a lot of money on ScyllaDB against others.

Kyle Rudy (IMVU): What issues I did have I managed to get help with even before we signed the enterprise contract. By email they were responsive within a day or two and by Slack, they're responsive within minutes usually.

Miguel Martinez Pedreira (CERN): The best thing of ScyllaDB so far, apart from the performance out of the box, is the team that is very supportive and helpful.