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Numberly Merges Batch and Real-time Workloads in ScyllaDB

Alexys Jacob discusses two years of satisfaction and increasing ScyllaDB adoption. [Read the complete case study]


I'm Alexys. I'm CTO at Numberly. Numberly is a digital marketing company that helps brands establish a digital relationship with their customers and prospects through the usage of data.

What I think is interesting over the past year, almost two years of experience [with ScyllaDB] is that we've seen the ScyllaDB adoption at Numberly really grow.  It came from the data engineering side, where people mostly are used to interacting with NoSQL databases to web backends as well. And I have a lot of developers that are taking interest in making sure that the data behind their microservices, or whatever API they are working on, is consistently available. So high availability is really important for them, as well as maintaining a low latency so that it has a direct impact on the user experience from the interfaces and web applications or mobile applications that we create every day for our customers.

And it has proven to be very successful, especially in the binding with the GraphQL adoption that we had in place for more than almost a year now. And it's interesting to see various use cases going on. 

So I encourage you to have a look. I have also given a talk this year about this topic and all the things that we learn from the ops perspective to the developers' perspective. And I hope that you discover the things that excite us about ScyllaDB and that you enjoy them as well.