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Mistaway Accelerates IoT-Driven Apps with ScyllaDB Cloud

Kevin Johnson discusses how ScyllaDB Cloud helps Mistaway focus on apps and customers.


Hi, my name is Kevin. I'm an engineer with Mistway systems out in Houston. We manufacture automatic mosquito control systems.

One of our big problems is that we have to enable our local dealers to give more efficient support to the end users. In the past,  our dealers had to actually do regular truck rolls or wait for an angry customer call.  We decided to create an IoT platform to help our dealers know exactly when to go out and exactly what the problem is so they go out with knowledge.

In order to solve this problem, we had to find a database to store our time series data, which is used a lot for troubleshooting. We tried a SQL database and our legacy platform, and that tended to grow out of control. So we were looking around for solutions that would give us queries that were much faster so that our apps can be much quicker and respond in a more timely manner.

One thing that we really like about the ScyllaDB cloud is that it's pretty much zero maintenance and zero stress. So we really are able to focus on getting systems out the door.

I have to say that my favorite thing about this other cloud offering is our direct access to ScyllaDB experts. We've got a dedicated Slack channel, so I don't have to hesitate to reach out. I don't have to fill out any forms or wait in call queues. When we're having a  big problem, that really gives me a more confident  feeling going forward.

So we're really happy with ScyllaDB Cloud so far. And it's very reassuring to know that ScyllaDB  Cloud has our back and our back end.