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How to Secure Your ScyllaDB Deployment: Authorization, Encryption, LDAP + More

ScyllaDB includes multiple features that collectively provide a robust security model. Most recently we announced support for encryption-at-rest in Scylla Enterprise. This enables you to lock-down your data even in multi-tenant and hybrid deployments of Scylla. Get an overview of security in Scylla and see how you can approach it holistically using the array of ScyllaDB capabilities. We  review ScyllaDB Security features, from basic to more advanced, including:

  • Reducing your attack surface
  • Authorization & Authentication
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Encryption at Transit
  • Encryption at Rest

LDAP authentication is a common requirement for any enterprise software. It gives users consistent login procedures across multiple components of the IT infrastructure, while centralizing the control of access rights. Scylla Enterprise supports authentication via LDAP. We will look into how to configure Scylla Enterprise for LDAP interaction and how to fine-tune access control through it.