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7-Minute ScyllaDB Demo

ScyllaDB — a fast, scalable, open source, no-SQL database — is designed for truly heavy lifting. It’s meant for use on distributed systems that require high throughput, very low latency, and easy scaling.

“People using ScyllaDB, they are trying to disrupt the industry or create a new industry, according to Ricardo Borenstein, a senior solutions architect at the company.

With a customer list that includes Discord, Expedia, GE Digital, Ticketmaster and Zillow, that’s not exactly hyperbole.

In this episode of The New Stack Demos, Borenstein showed Heather Joslyn, features editor of TNS, how ScyllaDB works, by creating a cluster using the Scylla Cloud API and TerraForm, setting up VPC peering, and demonstrating how the killing of a node results in no disruption in latency.

ScyllaDB, Borenstein said, is fully compatible with Apache Cassandra: “We work just like a Cassandra database, but with a lower node count, with consistent performance and reduced complexity. Whatever if you're using ScyllaDB or Cassandra, you can just change your IP address to Scylla and everything will work fine.” Check out the full video demo for more details, and check out the project and cluster tests on GitHub.