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ScyllaDB Scales Browser Sync for Millions of Opera Users

Rafal Furmański and Piotr Olchawa of Opera relate their move from Cassandra to ScyllaDB. [Read complete case study]


Rafal: Hello, my name is Rafal Furmański. I'm engineering manager at Opera Software, browser company that's present on the market industry from its very beginning in 1995.

Piotr: I'm Piotrek, DevOps engineer, also at Opera Software. We are together working on synchronizing browsers between mobile and desktop.  And at first we were looking at Cassandra database to solve that problem.  But we had many problems with it: mainly performance and reliability.

Rafal: We first encountered ScyllaDB at  Cassandra Summit in 2015. We were impressed by the "shard-to-the-core" infrastructure.  Basically, a few years later, we decided to migrate from Cassandra to ScyllaDB.  It helped us to reduce latency and improve performance and now we can sleep well at night.

Piotr: Reliability is a big part of this.