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Workshop: Build Low-Latency Applications in Rust

In this on-demand developer workshop, we go hands-on to explore the affinities between Rust, the Tokio framework, and ScyllaDB.

ScyllaDB is a perfect match for Rust. Similar to the Rust programming language and the Tokio framework, ScyllaDB is built on an asynchronous, non-blocking runtime that works extremely well for building highly-reliable low-latency distributed applications.

You’ll go live with our sample Rust application, built on our new, high performance native Rust client driver. By compiling and walking through the code, you’ll learn specifically how to craft queries to a locally running ScyllaDB cluster.

In the process you’ll discover the features and best practices that enable your Rust applications to squeeze maximum performance out of ScyllaDB's shard-per-core architecture.

  • Install and compile an IoT sample app, built on ScyllaDB’s native Rust SDK.
  • Install a single cluster of Scylla locally
  • Use Docker to get a 3-node cluster running on your laptop
  • Connect the application to the database
  • Review data modeling, query types and best practices
  • Manage and monitor